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Product description Rinat Egotiko Qauntum Pro

Dorso: Combination of latex and grafting frequenced highly flexible rubber that provide comfort and cushioning especially in the area of the knuckles.

All mounted on breathable mesh on the top and neoprene on the bottom, which makes it a more adjustable and lightweight glove.

Cut: Hybrid, Negative-Roll.

Latex palm almost completely surrounds the index and little fingers, joining with the application of the back by internal seams to give the feeling more fit, especially designed for those seeking maximum sensation with the ball.

Palm: German 3mm Omega Grip latex that offers an unbeatable grip, excellent durability, very good cushioning and great performance.

We apply anti-skid gel on the inside of the palm to prevent the glove from moving from its place.

Active cell zone, anti-slip gel in between fingers for greater grip.

Closure: Neoprene frequency that generates points of flexion and freedom of movement.

It has an opening with lycra in the external area of the wrist (EZ Fit) that facilitates the entry of the hand to the glove, elastic band embraced and reinforced by an adjustable headband made half latex (extended palm) and textile half which is a customizable window.

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