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Back: Rubber grafts that provide body, design and protection, located in the main impact areas. All mounted on highly breathable neoprene.

Cut: Innovative and highly technical. The middle and ring fingers are rollfinger with negative closure and great ergonomics, it also has flexion points that facilitate mobility. Latex extension with angular termination on the fingertips formed with the type of stitching applied in the manufacturing process of the glove, looking for an innovative look and feel. This type of fingertip cut will provide you with additional grip zones while helping to delay the natural wear of the latex at the fingertips.

Palm/Latex: 3.5 mm + 3mm PU Omega Xtreme, with excellent performance in both dry and wet. Excellent grip under any situation and with very good resistance considering that it is a high-end latex. Its micro particles give it greater resistance and increase the grip when it comes into contact with water.

Super Nova Grip: Latest generation German latex that provides an out-of-this-world grip, it has Grip-sparks that potentiate and significantly increase adherence from the first use, which guarantees maximum performance in all weather conditions. 3.5mm latex + 3mm PU.

Closure: Lycra opening for easy entry of the hand into the glove. Double anchorage strap that provides 2 neoprene points with attachment to the wristband, guaranteeing greater firmness and fit. Latex section strategically placed as an extension of the palm to provide additional areas of grip.

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