RINAT Fenix Superior JD Alpha (stærð 10)

10.990 kr.

ALPHA version of our FENIX Superior JD model. It is a very technical glove, comfortable and its fit is very tight, it gives you a fit which is very close to the hand so you can perceive maximum sensation when you come into contact with the ball. In spite of being an ultra light and mouldable glove, it feels like a reinforced glove that generates greater security, which is practically a high-end glove due to all the characteristics and materials that compose it.


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Back: Ultra-lightweight neoprene that keeps the interior cool. Rubber inserts located in the main areas of contact with the ball.

Cut: Negative. This cut has the seams on the inside of the glove.

It loses a little bit of latex surface, but in exchange it gets a great fit to the hand.

Palm: Duo grip latex (double palm). The inner layer of latex adheres and adjusts to the hand like a second skin, thus preventing the glove from moving from its place, which is extremely comfortable. It is a high-end latex with great performance, excellent grip and cushioning.

Closure: Frequented neoprene with flex points for greater freedom of movement. Elastic wristband on the inner side to facilitate the entry and exit of the hand, reinforced with a new, aesthetic and functional elastic band that gives security to the wrist.

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07, 08, 09, 10


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