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Product description Rinat Uno Alpha Alebrije

Glove especially developed for the goalkeepers that make a difference on and off the pitch, for those who are leaders and not followers, for those all-terrain archers who are not limited by weather conditions or the court, for those who do not make excuses and they give the best of themselves at all times, for those who seek to transcend.

If you are from this select group, in this model you will find your soulmate and ideal partner of adventures to defend the arch together.

The UNO Alpha combines the comfort, technicality and adherence of a high-end glove with the resistance and versatility of a mid-range glove.

Back: Synthetic latex frequency to give body and volume.

The design of the engravings of the frequency has the function of giving greater ergonomics and facilitating the flexion of the hand, likewise the zone of the knuckles has greater volume in order to protect the area (Punching Zone).

All mounted on highly breathable mesh.

Cut: Ergo-Roll.

Mixture of rollfinger at the tips of the fingers that wraps almost completely and ergonomically in the rest of the glove, which makes a very pleasant and comfortable experience to fit them.

Latex: The palm is pressed to give greater freedom of movement, more comfort, more ergonomics and better breathability inside the glove (Active Cell Zone).

Omega Latex Grip in the area of the fingers, to have an exceptional grip, and in the area of the palm of the hand we use Omega Resistance latex, to resist the abrasion of the ground and the friction caused by the hauls.

Closure: Elastic wristband embraced by a headband made of latex that goes through the lower area of the palm and makes the function of extended palm and textile in the lower area of the back, which is a customizable window, joined by an elastic band that gives the possibility to adjust according to the taste of each archer.

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