Goalkeepers are true warriors, they are the first ones on the attack and they are also the last line of defense. A warrior can be set for failure if they do not have the appropriate weapons for battle. For a goalkeeper our hands are our weapons. We use our gloves for protection and to strengthen our ability when protecting our goal. 


This is the classic cut. As its name indicates, the glove structure and palm are flat. The latex from the palm is connected to the backhand by textile or other light material. 

 When I hear Flat Cut gloves the goalkeepers like Jorge Campos, Oliver Kahn and Gianluigi Buffon come to mind. This type of cut is ideal for goalkeepers that prefer to have some wiggle room, mainly in the fingers, when wearing a glove. If you tend to tape your hands for practice or games a flat cut glove can allow for great comfort when handling the ball. 

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This cut has seams inside the glove. It loses some latex surface but in return it gets a great adjustment to the hand, giving you maximum feeling of control and contact with the ball. 

The negative cut glove is currently the most popular cut offered by most brands. This is a more fitted glove and given that the seams are inside it gives the glove a much cleaner look. This style of glove will wrap around your hands tightly making it feel like you’re almost not wearing a glove.

I’m a fan of this cut because it allows me to get a better feel when handling the ball. But if you’re not a fan of a tight fitted glove, have wide palms, wide fingers or you tape your fingers then this may not be an ideal option. 

…. Keep in mind when you put on a negative cut glove your hands are (ideally) dry, you should have no problem putting it on.

BUT taking the glove off might be tricky since your hand might sweat during the game/practice causing the already tight glove to stick more to your hand and can make it a bit difficult taking off the glove. 

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This cut provides unmatched comfort by simulating the natural of your hand while resting. 

Ergonomic comes from the Greek word ergon meaning work, and nomoi meaning natural laws. Therefore this style of cut is meant to mimic our hands natural rest state/shape to easily be able to transition into action. You will notice that the gloves have a semi circle type of shape.

You will get a comfortable fit allowing some wiggle room for your fingers. If you get fingersave protection it might feel a bit funny when extending your fingers. I have heard mixed answers from goalkeepers about the finger protection on this glove style. 

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It combines the best of two cuts, the Ergonomic and Rollfinger providing both comfort and natural catch-ready position while also giving maximum surface area for optimum grip and security. 

I would highly recommend it for young goalkeepers, but is definitely suitable for all goalkeepers. The latex from the rollfinger feature allows for a great grip and control when handling the ball. This cut has the most latex padding then other cuts, which translates to great comfort and gives a feeling your hands are extra secure.

It usually has a wider palm area, which I think gives it a bulky look. The ergo roll cut does not have the seams inside the glove, like the negative cut,  therefore the stitching at the fingertips can give you uncomfortable pressure at your fingertips. As stated on its name, this glove also keeps your hand in a curve relaxed position. 

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The latex of the palm surrounds almost completely the index and pinky fingers for greater area of subjection. Negative cuts in the middle and ring fingers give the feeling of more adjustment specially designed for those who seek maximum contact feeling with the ball. 

The negative roll cut is personally my favorite style. It delivers the perfect comfort, not too tight like the negative cut and not too loose like the flat cut. The latex surrounding the index and pinky fingers allows for a confident grip when catching the ball. The negative cut in the middle and ring fingers is extremely effective when handling the ball. 

Another reason why I prefer this cut is because it has just the right amount of latex padding. Negative cut gloves are tight fitted and lightweight and give the feeling that you’re playing barehanded. Therefore it doesn’t have too much padding and definitely hurts when someone steps on your hand. On the other hand the ergo roll cut has a bit too much latex padding for me. 

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