RINAT Aries Nemesis Pro

19.990 kr.

The new Aries Nemesis in its professional version, has been reinvented and features some changes in its construction that make it more comfortable and technical, in addition to now being more armed and giving the feeling of greater protection. It is made almost entirely of natural latex which has on the palm and back (360° latex)

Backhand: Application of high-volume natural latex, with impact-absorbing panels protecting the entire area. It has been coated with a component that provides additional grip in addition to coating the latex to prevent premature wear.

Cut: Arrow Cut, novel and highly technical. The middle and ring fingers are roll-fingered and ergonomic, with flexion points that facilitate mobility. Latex extension with angular finishing on the fingertips formed with the type of seam applied in the glove manufacturing process, seeking an innovative look and feel. This type of cut on the fingertips will provide you with additional grip areas while helping to delay the natural wear of the latex on the fingertips.

Palm: State-of-the-art German latex AXG® developed in Germany especially for Rinat to ensure extreme grip even in rainy conditions. It has unbeatable performance, perfect balance between top grip and strength, the best in high-end latex for wet.

Closure: Opening with lycra that facilitates the hand to the glove. Double-anchored chisel that provides 2 neoprene points with fastening to the wristband, ensuring greater firmness and fit. Latex section strategically placed as a palm extension to give you additional grip areas.

Product Details

Latex AXG
Arrow Cut
Natural Grass

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07, 08, 09, 10, 11


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