RINAT Aries Némesis Semi (barnastærðir)

11.490 kr.

The all-new Aries Némesis semi is an innovative, technical glove that, given its characteristics, offers much higher performance than a mid-range glove. It’s a lightweight all-terrain glove, ready to be a star on the playing fields.

Backhand: Highly breathable textile mesh, with a latex coating in certain areas to provide protection and some body.

Cut: Hybrid, Ergo Roll with closed negative on the fingertips, so we achieve adjustment and maximum sensation with the ball, it is a very technical and functional construction.

Palm: German latex Omega Grip on the fingertips and HGP NEXT on the palm, making it a glove designed for any circumstance, since on the one hand you have a latex top with excellent grip and on the other natural latex with great strength.

Closure: The back fabric covers the wrist and reaches to part of the forearm in the upper area and in the inner area of the wrist, has an elastic wristband. It has a ribbon at the base of the palm that helps to better fit the glove to the hand. Elastic sparkle that embraces and fixes the area, giving greater safety and preventing the glove from moving from its place.

Product Details

Latex Hard Ground Plus Next
Latex Omega Grip
Artificial Grass
Natural Grass
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