RINAT Asimetrik Bionik Pro

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Backhand: Masterfully engraved and detailed latex, lines with great depth and volume. That results in an armed and robust glove with a great deal of cushioning and protection. All mounted on highly breathable textile mesh in the upper area of the glove and neoprene in the lower area.

Palm: 3mm Omega Grip Latex, Latex of German origin with excellent performance and durability. It is one of the best latex on the world market, guaranteeing an absolute and unmatched grip. Formulation developed especially for Rinat. Recommended for natural grass, dry or partially wet grounds. It has stitching and engravings in key areas to give greater ergonomics and enable bending. Anti-slip gel in certain areas inside to prevent the glove from moving out of place.

Cut: Ergo-Roll + Wrapped Thumb Closure: High-Frequency grooves on the neoprene wristband with flex points for greater freedom of movement. External spandex area that facilitates the entry of the hand. Elastic wristband with customizable textile and latex section on the inside of the wrist. Velcro closure for better fit.

Recommended Use:

        • All-Weather
        • Training
        • Matches
        • Natural grass

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