RINAT Asimetrik Stellar Pro (2 litir)

11.990 kr.

The Asimetrik line, one of the brand’s star models, is part of this new
constellation of stars, the 2022-23 collection, now with a new proposal,
but always preserving its characteristic essence, comfortable gloves
with great performance that without It will undoubtedly have a stellar
role in your saves.

It retains its essence and construction only with some technical adjustments
as well as incorporating one of the best latex today, the AXG FORMULA.

Backhand: Latex engraved with high frequency to give volume and
protection, it is a robust and well-armed glove which gives the feeling of
greater security. Mounted on highly breathable mesh in the upper area and
neoprene in the lower area.

Cut: Wide Ergo-Roll for greater grip area.

Palm: German AXG FORMULA latex, one of the best on the market, perfect
balance between a Grip Top and good resistance.

Side shield, lateral coating that protects the latex of the palm in that area
from wear and tear.

Closure: Neoprene high frequency embossed, extended to the middle of the
forearm embraced by a new wristband, that is more functional, aesthetic and
providing a better fit. It consists of 2 pieces, one of natural latex that is
located on the inner face of the wrist to act as an extended palm and the
other piece is a customizable textile window, both joined by an elastic
application that allows a better grip providing more wrist safety.



CUT Ergo Roll

GROUND Natural Grass


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