RINAT Egotiko Stellar Pro

19.290 kr.

The Egotiko, one of the most iconic and favorite models among cancer patients, continues and retains its essence, aesthetics and functionality that distinguish it, but now with latex AXG FORMULA and with a new color proposal. He will no doubt be a star in your shortcuts and accomplishments.

Backhand: Large-volume natural latex in one piece covering the upper area and rubber grafting in the middle area, all mounted on neoprene, which makes it a lightweight glove, but at the same time gives the feeling of being well armed.

Cut: Hybrid, it is a Negative-Roll with very marked ergonomics which makes it very comfortable maximizes the sensations of comfort and safety.

Palm: German latex AXG FORMULA, is one of the best foams on the market and its evaluation is very good thanks to its excellent grip, great cushioning and good strength, even considering it is a high-end latex.

Closure: Neoprene on top and elastic wristband on the bottom to achieve a perfect fit. A latex composite chandelier that passes under the palm making an extension to have a larger holding area, this joined to a customizable textile window by means of an application of elastic, allowing each goalkeeper to adjust it to their entire taste.

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