RINAT Kratos Turf

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Be a warrior on the court and hold out until the end, just as your Kratos gloves will do for you.

He’s an all-around glove with great performance on any court. We’ve come a long way in combining the main qualities that every Cancer tree seeks in a glove: functionality, aesthetics, comfort, durability and good grip. In this model debuts one of the innovations and of the brand for the Turf ranges, the new formulation HG + (Hard Ground Plus) which is a latex exclusively developed for Rinat and designed to resist the abrasion generated by difficult and hard terrains, but without sacrificing grip since it has a good grip considering it is of the Turf range, thus shortening the distances between grip and resistance.

Cut: Negative

Backhand: Synthetic latex mounted on a breathable, elastic, soft textile fabric which also produces a certain thermal effect.

Palm: New Latex HG+ (Hard Ground Plus) is up to 10 times stronger than conventional latex and has good grip especially in wet conditions.

Closure: Textile at the top which joins with elastic wristband at the inner area, embraced by a novel chisel composed of synthetic latex and textile joined by an application of adjustable elastic to have a perfect fit, application of non-slip rubber at the tip to facilitate the manipulation of the chisel.

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Artificial Grass
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