RINAT Lexus GK Pro

18.990 kr.

The LEXUS GK PRO is a development that combined seemingly opposing features. On the one hand, it gives the feeling of being a glove armed, but still lightweight, and on the other hand, it combines the essence of a classic glove, but with current technical characteristics and hybrid cut. It is a versatile glove, which, no matter what type of construction you prefer, will give you very good impressions and great performance, you will end up loving it!

Backhand: Large-volume application with impact-absorbing panels protecting the knuckle and finger areas, closed in negative, mounted on lightweight and adjustable neoprene. It has textile mesh side applications on the fingers for better perspiration.

Cut: It’s called Ergo-Roll. Ergonomic on the middle fingers and full latex wrap on the little fingers, index and thumb.

Palm: German latex AXG FORMULA, is one of the best foams on the market and its evaluation is very good thanks to its excellent grip, great cushioning and good strength, even considering it is a high-end latex.

Closure: Elastic wristband that fits perfectly, embraced and reinforced with a one-piece chisel made of 100% natural latex, which, on the one hand, acts as a palm extension and, on the other hand, fits spectacularly, giving a great sense of security.

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