RINAT Meta GK Alpha (aðeins stærð 7)

11.990 kr.

It is a reinforced and tight glove, extremely comfortable and with sensations and characteristics of being a high-end glove.

Back: Frequent latex application on a breathable textile base with frequency technology design, the back application is completely closed in a negative seam. In the internal part, a lining or textile layer was implemented that gives us a sensation of softness and superior comfort.

Cut: Negative with very marked ergonomics for a better fit and greater comfort. The thumb is constructed by means of an independent application that is later joined to the application on the back, which is generated in a negative cut in its entirety.

Palm: Super Softy XP latex, good performance with a good grip.

Closure: wristband that fuses elastic in the lower area of ​​the palm and a flexible and breathable textile on the back area. Headband composed of 2 pieces joined by an elastic application to adjust as needed. Customizable window and rubber application for a better grip.

Product Details

Latex Super Softy
Natural Grass
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