RINAT Meta Tactik GK Alpha

13.990 kr.

With the new META TACTIK GK, you will be ready for battle and face whatever comes to defend your territory.

The Alpha version is a lightweight, technical, comfortable and functional glove, which, due to its characteristics and materials, could well pass for a high-end glove.

Backhand: All neoprene with high frequency relief, an Active Cell Zone cover was applied to the main contact areas that provide grip when clearing the ball with the fists.

Cut: Ergo-Roll, the latex on the fingers envelops them almost completely from the mid-zone, the rest is ergonomic for a greater sense of comfort.

Palm: Latex German Omega Grip, high-end foam with excellent grip is always recommended to use wet.

Closure: Neoprene on top and elastic wristband on the inside of the wrist, making it very practical and comfortable to wear. 2-piece chisel joined by an application of elastic to achieve a better fit.

Product Details

Latex Omega Grip
Ergo Roll
Natural Grass
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