RINAT Meta Tactik GK Pro (2 litir)

19.490 kr.

With the new META TACTIK GK, you will be ready for battle and face whatever comes to defend your territory.

The PRO version is a well-armed, bulky and very comfortable glove. As soon as you put it on, you’ll feel the security and protection it creates.

Backhand: Large-volume natural latex mounted on breathable textile mesh on top and rubber grafts on the fingers. In the middle and lower back we incorporate Breathex, which is an elastic and breathable compound, but also with a thermal effect. Its fibers have memory because no matter how much it stretches, it always returns to its initial state.

Cut: Negative with great ergonomics.

Palm: German latex AXG Formula, grip top, good strength and excellent performance even in wet conditions. Latex applications on the lateral areas of the fingers to have greater holding area.

Closure: The Breathex piece extends from the back to the base of the glove reaching practically to the forearm in the upper area. Elastic wrist in the lower palm. Thick elastic band splinter covering greater area for better fixation and adjustment. Application of natural latex on the lower area of the palm, which functions as an extension and allows for greater holding area.

Product Details

Latex AXG
Natural Grass

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