RINAT Nkam Pro (André Onana)

19.990 kr.

Andre Onana (Manchester United) notar þessa hanska.

Be the warrior your tribe needs and hold your bow with tenacity and courage. The new NKAMs will help you meet your goals and improve your performance.

The PRO version was made to the taste of André Onana, who chose construction, cut and type of latex. After several weeks of joint work, this model was produced, with many technical details and absolute comfort.

Backhand The following: Glove lightweight, with rubber grafts located in the main impact zones which provide protection and body, all mounted on BREATHEX, which gives a perfect fit, comfortable and helps with perspiration.

Cut: The formidable Rollfinger cut returns to our catalog, now in a version developed for André. The latex of the palm almost completely envelops all the fingers, thus having a greater holding area, the feeling in the hands is very comfortable and safe.

Palm: German latex

Closure: STRAPLESS, developed so that a chisel is not needed to fix it, thus making it more practical and comfortable. The BREATHEX of the back extends to part of the forearm covering and adjusting the area of the wrist, at the entrance we have a fist of elastic to adjust the glove and prevent it from moving from its place.

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Latex AXG
Natural Grass

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