RINAT Santoloco Full Ladex

9.708 kr.

This glove represents the perfect balance between elegance and daring. He’s the perfect companion for the goalkeeper high-performance design that seeks comfort, performance and a sober design with state-of-the-art technology. Made from 95% natural latex.

The back: Natural latex back that gives you an unbeatable sense of comfort, high-frequency latex area in the knuckle area for greater cushioning in fist clearances.

Cutting Ergoroll cut that offers the best of two classic cuts. It gives you greater grip areas at crucial touch points while its ergonomics make it easier for the glove to fit the natural shape of your hand.

Palms: High performance German latex contact grip.

Closing time: Two-piece brooch with elastic cross section for better fit. The inner area functions as a latex extension providing greater holding areas. Elastic wristband for easy hand entry and comfort.

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Product Details

GENDER:  Adult
COMPOSITION:  Latex Contact Grip
CUT:  Ergo Roll
GROUND:  Natural Grass

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