RINAT Xtreme Guard Zhero Pro

19.990 kr.

Can perfect be more perfect? Well, in the new XTREME GUARD ZERO PRO we did that. We reinvented this iconic and beloved model, keeping its essence, but now implementing new materials, technologies and significantly improving its aesthetics.

It’s a lightweight glove that feels like you’re armed, fits perfectly in your hand, and they’re very comfortable.

Backhand: Volume application with impact absorption panels, located and protecting the knuckle area. Rubber grafts on the fingers and base of the thumb, all mounted on neoprene at the top and BREATHEX starting in the middle and extending below the wrist.

Cut: Ergo-Roll, the fingertips are wrapped in latex and the rest of the construction is ergonomic.

Palm: German latex AXG Formula, grip top, good strength and excellent performance even in wet conditions. One of the most reputable foams on the market.

Closure: Breathex at the top of the wrist and elastic wristband at the bottom, making it extremely easy and comfortable to put on or take off the glove.

Latex application that extends from the base of the palm to part of the forearm, giving you a large holding area.

Removable elastic sheath. When the chin is on you will feel the excellent attachment and security it provides.

Product Details

Latex AXG
Ergo Roll
Natural Grass
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