NÝR: RINAT Xtreme Guard Zhero Semi (barnastærðir)

11.490 kr.

The Xtreme Guard Zhero in its semi-professional version will captivate you with all its technical and aesthetic features. It is a lightweight glove with the feeling of being armed, very comfortable and innovative and gives the impression of being a glove of a higher range.

Backhand: Application with volume and impact absorption panels covering the knuckle and finger area, mounted on an elastic and highly breathable fabric.

Cut: Negative

Palm: Latex Super Softy XP, high-performance foam with good grip especially in humid or low water conditions.

Closure: Strapless, this model has no chin and you won’t miss it as its construction and materials fit perfectly without sacrificing comfort. The back tissue extends to the wrist in the upper area and in the inner area is an elastic wristband, which together make the entrance of the hand simple and functional.

Product Details

Latex Super Softy
Natural Grass
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