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Product description Rinat Uno Premier Pro

One of the most iconic models of Rinat had be part of the 2019 collection.

It has an improved construction, it is now more fitted and aesthetic, as well as a design that remains faithful to its sober and elegant concept, in addition it has live in golden color that they give that extra touch of personality of a glove to the height of the highest demands of a Cerberus.

Back: Latex with a high volume to give more cushioning and body to the glove, all mounted on highly breathable textile mesh that keeps the interior cool and comfortable.

Cut: Ergonomic.

It adjusts to the natural shape of the hand facilitating flexion and giving more comfort.
Its construction was signicantly improved, now it is much more comfortable and aesthetic.

Latex: Duo Grip (double palm).

The inner layer of the latex adheres and adjusts to the hand like a second skin, thus preventing the glove from moving from its place.

It is a latex with great performance, excellent grip and cushioning.

Closure: Neoprene with high frequency that generates points of flexion and freedom of movement.

It has a section with lycra in the external area of the wrist (EZ Fit) that facilitates the entry of the hand to the glove, elastic band embraced and reinforced by an adjustable headband made half latex (extended palm) and textile half which is a customizable window.


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07, 08, 09, 10, 11


Hvítur, Svartur


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